Beloved dog goes missing in Central Park while Manhattan woman is on a cruise


The community has come together to support a woman in Manhattan who has been desperately searching for her beloved dog, Rosie, since Thanksgiving weekend.

While on a cruise, Shira, the owner, was informed that Rosie had escaped from her dog sitter during a walk in Central Park on November 25th. Rosie, the mini golden doodle, went missing near the park entrance located at 75th Street and Fifth Avenue.

Shira expressed her discontent during an interview with PIX11 News on Monday, describing the situation as “really awful.”

The dog sitter and a group of kind-hearted strangers pursued the 3-year-old pup all the way to John Jay Park, located by the FDR Drive. Despite their efforts, they were unable to capture the elusive canine.

Shira suggested that the reason for the sudden departure could be a squirrel that caught the cat’s attention.

After the ship docked in the Dominican Republic, Shira immediately hopped on the first flight back to New York City. Despite a six-hour delay, the determined Canadian native wasted no time hitting the streets in search of Rosie. However, despite her best efforts, Shira was unable to locate her beloved pet.

Afterward, she enlisted the services of a professional dog tracker and coordinated search efforts by leveraging social media platforms. She also reached out to local shelters, law enforcement agencies, and veterinarians to notify them about her missing dog. Determined to find her furry companion, she rallied a search party every night for the past week. In a heartwarming display of support, compassionate strangers pitched in by distributing flyers on both the Upper West Side and Upper East Side throughout the day.

On Monday night, the crew will once again be heading out to resume their search.

Shira expressed her concerns about the well-being of the lost dog, fearing that she might be hungry, scared, or injured. She acknowledged the strong support and solidarity from the community during this difficult time.

Rosie has been seen in Central Park multiple times after she went missing, with the latest sighting near the Family Playground in Central Park, close to 108th Street and Fifth Avenue. The dog tracker is confident that Rosie is in the park and has taken measures to locate her, including setting up night cameras and leaving food in strategic locations, according to Shira.

Rosie boasts a beautiful coat that sports a lovely cream and dark apricot color. With her adorable long ears, she captures the hearts of many. Weighing approximately 24 pounds, Rosie was spotted donning a vibrant hot pink harness. Additionally, she is equipped with a microchip and a collar that features Shira’s contact details.

Shira, who also owns a cat, expressed that her home doesn’t feel complete without her dog. She shared, “She has a preference for chicken and cheese and enjoys puppaccinos, being quite the Upper East Side doggie. However, she’s not one for outdoor activities.”

If you have any information about Rosie, please reach out to Shira at 917-664-2899.

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