They Transformed a Vintage Airplane into a 650 Sq. Ft. Home

They Transformed a Vintage Airplane into a 650 Sq. Ft. Home

An old airplane has been ingeniously repurposed into a stunning 650 square foot home. The transformation of this vintage aircraft showcases the creative potential of reimagining unconventional spaces.

They Turned an Old Airplane into a 650 Sq. Ft. Home

Jon and Stephanie, owners and operators of a flight school in Alaska, have come up with a unique idea for a vacation home – an airplane! While not exactly small, with a spacious 650 square feet, this unconventional abode is truly remarkable. The couple originally began constructing tiny homes to accommodate their students, but this airplane-turned-vacation home has become their latest venture. Despite its hefty price tag of over $600,000, this extraordinary dwelling is undeniably impressive.

Jon had a wild idea during construction – why not turn an aircraft into a home? Despite the steep cost of transporting retired aircraft to Alaska, they decided to pursue this unique concept and transform it into an Airbnb. This extraordinary vacation spot offers two bedrooms, a luxurious bathroom, and an impressive off-wing deck. Prepare to be amazed by this one-of-a-kind experience!

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